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Dimensions: 153" L x 58.5" W x 14.58" H

The EZ Port VXP is the perfect option for anyone looking for a PWC Lift for a machine under 1,300Lbs. This port comes with a quad rail design that allows for 36 points of adjustment to ensure that any current, previous or new design of PWC will be supported by this port. All of our PWC lift ports are designed to make owning a PWC easier by reducing the effort required for each use, instead of hooking up the trailer and going to the launch ramp, launching the PWC and parking, and repeating the process at the end of the day. Go onto your dock and get on your PWC and go. Worried about keeping your PWC from having growth on the bottom? Rinse the PWC after use? Maintenance? do it all from the comfort of your own dock. 

If you are looking to add a PWC port to your existing non-EZ Dock system take a look at our adapter bracket and we can help you bring some EZ Dock to your existing system. Alternatively, each port has included in the design two caps that can be removed to expose two Pipe slots where you can insert a pipe and auger to support the port with its own anchoring without the need to add accessories.