EZ Dock Commercial Solutions

Enhances your property, your guest experience—and your ROI!

Whether your guests/residents want to enjoy a lunch on the waterfront, or an adventure on the water, EZ Dock ensures they’ll have a beautiful, memorable, and safe experience.

Why use EZ Dock floating commercial docks?

User Experience

EZ Dock has options to accommodate all of your guests’ and customers’ needs, interests, and abilities. Safe, stable walking surfaces mean they can get to their craft, or explore the waterfront, with confidence. Sophisticated design features, like drive on/back off make getting in and out of their craft easy too.


Your business is always growing and changing, and EZ Dock easily grows with you. Need to expand? Add a feature to meet customer demand? With our modular design, it’s literally a snap.


EZ Dock’s low-maintenance construction saves you time and money every single year. And our durable docks are built to last a lifetime. Buy quality and you only have to spend the money once.

Tell us about your business and let us get started on the right EZ Dock for you.