EZ Dock for Parks & Recreation

Let your visitors fully experience your park with all the options EZ Dock provides. Floating walkways, swim platforms, boat docks and more! Including kayak launches for all skill and accessibility levels. Our park dock systems provide unparalleled access with one of the only ADA approved kayak launches in the industry. This system will allow you to provide access to every one of the guests to your location, from sightseeing to rowing teams to swimmers. Our products have been used by parks, and cities to create access for recreational users as well as creating infrastructures such as floating bridges and walkways. With the ease in which this system can be installed, paired with the 30+ year life span EZ Dock is the best system for any on water use.

  • Stable– unique float technology keeps the EZ Dock stable in waves and slip-proof when wet. And since it’s not made of wood, there are no nails or splinters to worry about.
  • Flexible—easily add on or change ports and parts. Your EZ Dock systems grow and change with your needs.
  • Durable—build to last and withstand the climate no matter where you are located.
  • Budget and eco-friendly—your investment pays off quickly with this low-maintenance system. And there’s no wood or paint to leach into the water.

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